Game Changer Biotech Limited

Bridging the academic and the commercial

Game Changer Biotech Limited

Game Changer Biotech Limited, established by De Montfort University for commercial enterprise, seeks to exploit the potential of 'game-changing' technologies through the establishment and funding of various spinout companies from the Faculty of Health and Life Science.

The company has access to private equity and expertise to support the early years of development, focusing on investment opportunities that may require no more than £5 million of funding over five years to achieve a viable exit for investors. Technologies have to be capable of being 'game changing' in their field and at least 'proof of concept' ready within a short period for a spinout to be considered investment ready.

Ownership and protection of intellectual property is paramount. De Montfort University and Game Changer Biotech work together to enable each spinout to fully benefit from its commercial endeavours and to maximise returns to investors.


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