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CYP Design Limited

CYP Design Limited is dedicated to supporting drug research and development needs by offering stabilised, highly active cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzyme products. These products are presented in unique Sacchrosomes™ and are stable at room temperature. They provide pharma companies and contract research organisations with significant cost advantages as these products do not need to be shipped with dry-ice, or kept in cold storage before use; they provide greater convenience due to their stability at room temperature. 

CYPDESIGN's yeast microsomes (Sacchrosomes™) reliably demonstrate that the yield and activity of human CYP enzymes in Sacchrosomes™ are often much better than those from other suppliers who use insect cells or bacteria. Comparative performance data is available via CYPDESIGN's website ( where you will find representative kinetic plots for nine different human CYPs, comparing the activities from our Sacchrosomes™ with those from a leading supplier's insect cell-expressed CYPs. More detailed comparisons are shown in the product data sheets accompanying each individual CYP Sacchrosome™.

CYPDESIGN's team also has considerable expertise in CYP biology and chemistry, providing the basis for new products and services, including metabolism and toxicity testing services, reagents for biocatalysis, and the potential for developing new cancer therapeutics.


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