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Game Changer Biotech, established by De Montfort University for commercial enterprise, seeks to exploit the potential of 'game-changing' technologies through the establishment and funding of various spinout companies from the Faculty of Health and Life Science.

Starting with the exciting work of Professor Bob Chaudhuri, a leading, world-renowned expert in yeast expression systems, CYP Design Limited was established to advance new drug discovery. With bespoke tools for testing new compounds for their potential toxicity in humans, utilising cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzymes expressed in baker's yeast, significantly these CYP tools are stable at room temperature for greater transport and laboratory convenience. The yield, activity and results achieved using CYPs expressed in baker's yeast are often greater (and more relevant) than current market leaders' tools derived from insect cells. The CYP-design story continues with 'human CYPs in human cells' for greater biological relevance and the testing of short-listed compounds for new drug development.

Game Changer Biotech India, a manufacturing company based in New Delhi, was established to facilitate the commercial enterprise emerging from the collaboration of two leading institutions, De Montfort University (Leicester) and the Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine (IIIM, Jammu). DMU has expertise in 'biology' and proprietary knowledge in the use of enzymes for bio-transformations. IIIM has unrivalled expertise in 'chemistry' and access to unique, natural resources (indigenous plants, flowers and flora). Opportunities are being jointly developed from the Indo-UK collaboration in the field of drug discovery from natural products (medicinal plants and microbial species).

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